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Good.Lab helps companies define an appropriate level of aspiration in the highest priority ESG performance areas.

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Target the right ESG metrics to maximize your impact

Companies of all sizes are experiencing increasing pressure from customers, consumers, investors, and governments to manage, disclosure, and improve their ESG performance.


Satisfy Investors

86% of investors are dissatisfied with ESG & climate risk data disclosed by businesses

Source: EY

Boost Returns

US companies with the best ESG scores had 8% higher returns in 2021

Source: Morningstar

Easily Comply

More regulations are being passed to manage and report on ESG performance globally

Source: Good.Lab

How can your company adequately respond to ESG demands?

And more importantly, where should you start?

 ESG consulting services

Good.Lab takes the guesswork out of ESG target setting

Good.Lab’s dedicated ESG experts work alongside your team to help you set specific, measurable, and time bound ESG targets.

Our experienced consultants leverage an ESG Software Platform to help you select achievable improvement targets across a range of ESG topics that are relevant to your industry and stakeholders

Our consultative approach will help you to identify how your company can set a plan to improve performance and stay ahead of consumer, investor, and regulatory pressures.

Good.Lab’s Approach to ESG Target Setting

  1. Identify the ESG areas that matter most

    • Capture multi-stakeholder perspective with a Materiality Assessment
    • Uncover clear areas of priorities for ESG performance targets
    • Determine performance relative to industry peers and competitors
    • Leverage a Sustainability Benchmarking database covering 20+ industries
  2. Assess your current ESG progress

    • Analyze existing efforts with a software-based Progress Assessment
    • Address ESG areas that show the highest level of activity already
    • Determine whether you want to set more aggressive or achievable ESG targets
    • Engage stakeholders with a virtual workshop led by our team of experts
  3. Calibrate your ESG ambition

    • Hone in on the ESG areas where you can truly lead
    • Define how you’ll quantify current and future ESG progress
    • Map your ESG program efforts to disclosure and reporting requirements
    • Prepare disclosures for common ESG reporting frameworks
  4. Review, refine, & adopt the right targets

    • Evaluate your current capabilities with our software for Baselining Performance
    • Identify any gaps between your current baseline and ESG ambitions
    • Implement tools for ongoing measurement and tracking for your ESG performance
    • Build a solid plan for tracking Social & Governance performance, too!
  5. Improve & report your ESG progress

    • Track progress towards your goals in each key area
    • Get tailored performance improvement roadmaps
    • Gain visibility into your ongoing ESG performance data
    • Articulate your approach to ESG for key stakeholder communications

Setting the right ESG targets is an essential part of your ESG strategy

Learn more about the five steps to making data-driven ESG goals part of your business strategy.

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ESG Targets

How Good.Lab can help

With companies now being held responsible for the goals they publicly commit to, you need a rock-solid plan for setting targets that align with your core values and demonstrate your commitment to ESG leadership.

Good.Lab’s ESG software platform, tools and expert ESG consulting services can guide your team in setting specific, measurable, and time-bound ESG targets around issues like climate change, sustainability metrics, social responsibility initiatives – it’s never been easier for you to get the advice necessary for improvement!

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