Managing ESG risk has become business critical.

Uncover blind spots and capitalize on opportunities to drive long-term value by conducting and integrating an ESG Risk Assessment.

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Assess, Prioritize, and Manage ESG Risk

esg risk assessment

Assess ESG Risks

Identify and assess the severity of any ESG risks facing your business with Good.Lab’s streamlined approach.

  • Engage a targeted set of stakeholders
  • Assess material ESG risks & opportunities
  • Rate the impact of ESG risks & opportunities

Prioritize ESG Risks

Get a risk priority matrix along with expert recommendations to focus your team on key opportunities to mitigate material ESG risks.

  • Gain insight into the potential impacts of each ESG risk
  • Build leadership consensus on risk assessment outputs
  • Get recommendations on managing critical risks and potential areas of strategic focus
esg risk assessment
esg risk assessment

Bolster ESG Strategy

Incorporate ESG risks into your broader risk management plans and prepare to address them by building your roadmap for ESG success.

  • Integrate risk assessment outputs into ESG strategy & Enterprise Risk Management
  • Set ESG targets that mitigate ESG risks and advance impact
  • Conduct gap analysis to uncover areas to include in ESG performance improvement roadmap

Identify ESG Risk and React Accordingly

No matter the size of your company, your industry, whether or not you already have a risk management framework in place, Good.Lab can help your company to assess its ESG risks and opportunities.

With mandatory ESG disclosures on the horizon, simply disclosing ESG risk isn’t the same as preparing your response. Good.Lab helps companies evaluate ESG risks and build a strategic roadmap to navigate those risks.

Protect your brand from ESG risks

Enhance ESG performance

Proactively comply with regulations

Respond to investors and other stakeholders

Good.Lab’s Approach to ESG Risk

Our ESG Risk assessment incorporates inputs from the latest standards and regulations, plus industry specific risks and opportunities across ESG topics.

  1. Define ESG Materiality

    Good.Lab helps your stakeholders to reach consensus on ESG topics by conducting your Materiality Assessment and then engages a targeted set of your stakeholders to assess risk in each area.

  2. Address ESG Risks

    Good.Lab helps you to assess, prioritize and manage material ESG risks facing your business and incorporate the resulting analysis into your broader ESG and ERM strategies.

  3. Baseline Climate Performance

    Complete a GHG Emissions Measurement with Good.Lab’s SaaS tools to better understand your current emissions footprint, and as a prerequisite for addressing Climate Risk.

  4. Enhance ESG Performance

    Good.Lab leverages the findings from your performance baseline and ESG assessments to help you set realistic, yet achievable ESG targets, along with the plans and guidance to achieve your goals.

esg risk assessment

Plan for any threats that may be in your blind spot.

Reach out to learn how Good.Lab can help your company address potential ESG risks and comply with requests for your risk assessment analysis.

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ESG Risk Assessment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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