Confidently Respond to ESG & Sustainability Data Requests

Good.Lab empowers companies to protect and win more business by mastering supply chain sustainability reporting.

  • Measure + manage + share your GHG emissions data with customers
  • Report on every requested ESG metric so your customers can effectively gauge your sustainability maturity
  • Build a comprehensive sustainability profile to demonstrate your commitment as a supplier

Trusted by Buyers & Suppliers Across the Supply Chain

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A 360 Degree View of Supply Chain Sustainability & ESG Data Reporting

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Readily Meet Buyer Expectations

Our work advising industry-leading retailers on structuring resilient supply chains means we know the broad range of ESG and sustainability topics that major buyers expect you to measure and report on and we’ll help you meet those expectations.

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Comprehensively Measure & Report

We empower your company to operationalize and report on every required aspect of sustainability, from GHG emissions, to SBTi targets, packaging, materials, waste, water usage, DEI, labor conditions, and more.

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Share Accurate, Timely ESG Metrics

Together we’ll build your ESG and sustainability profile and reporting engine with accurate data metrics so you can efficiently respond to customer surveys and supplier assessments, all informed by our teams’ experience in various industries.

Your Guide to Responding To Supplier Sustainability Surveys

Craft Your Supplier Sustainability Narrative

Your company works hard on supplier sustainability initiatives, and your customers should know about the work you’re doing! Buyers want to align with brands that are doing good in the world. We empower you to share your sustainability narrative in a transparent manner with quantified ESG data to back it all up. Confidently share your ESG metrics via CDP, Ecovadis, SBTi, whenever and however you’re asked.

Good.Lab has been instrumental in guiding Protingent through complying with Microsoft’s supplier code of conduct, particularly in meeting the complex emissions reporting requirement. Their expertise and support have enabled us to accurately measure, track, and report on our carbon footprint, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.

Common Supply Chain ESG & Sustainability Questions

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