Calculate emissions for your full product portfolio

Analyze product-level emissions to inform design and drive emissions reductions.

Company Emissions

Evaluate the drivers of your product footprint to enable better decision making

Measure to Manage

Compare emissions across products to inform product design and asses product value chain emissions from raw materials, through to manufacturing, transportation, use, and end of life, to prioritize emissions reductions.

Empower Consumers

Deepen customer loyalty by transparently sharing individual product footprints so your customers can make more intentional purchases.

Ensure Compliance

Comply with regulations, like the EU (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism + EU Batteries Regulation) and proposed US carbon border tax by measuring and reducing product level emissions.

Good.Lab’s Product Level GHG Emissions Calculator

SaaS tools + expertise to help you develop a precise picture of your product footprint across your portfolio.

Product Footprint Calculator

Product Emissions Dashboard

Calculate and visualize item / SKU level carbon footprint (kg CO2e) for each item in your product portfolio and lifecycle phase with user-friendly software.

Lifecycle Stage Analysis

Gain visibility into the percentage contribution by lifecycle stage for materials, manufacturing, transportation, product use, and end of life phases.

Product Footprint Calculator
Product Footprint Calculator

Compare Product Footprints

Compare emissions profiles to inform product design, packaging, and development and identify opportunities for carbon reduction.

Flexible Product Data Capture

Leverage Good.Lab’s database of materials and lifecycle-based emissions factors, create custom emissions factors, or upload product sales data from your ERP.

Product Footprint Calculator
Product Footprint Calculator

Inform Consumer Purchases

Use results to create customized customer messaging, such as product-level emissions labels on total carbon footprint or broken down by lifecycle phase to inform consumer purchasing.

Track Product Performance Over Time

Analyze any changes in product or portfolio emissions profile over time to track performance towards emissions targets.

Product Footprint Calculator
Product Footprint Calculator

Calculate Your Products’ Footprint

Connect with Good.Lab to learn how our software + ESG expert guidance can help your business produce product-level footprint calculations across your portfolio.

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Build your Emissions Strategy with Good.Lab

Our process combines ESG software with expert guidance to help you advance in your ESG journey. Knowing the emissions footprint of your products is essential to managing and reducing emissions.

  1. Calculate your Company GHG Emissions

    Measure your Company-level Greenhouse Gas Emissions to accurately report to stakeholders and use the findings to inform your ESG targets.

  2. Calculate your Product Emissions Footprint

    Measure the carbon footprint of every product in your portfolio, across each lifecycle phase, to inform product innovation and uncover opportunities to manage and reduce emissions.

  3. Prepare for Emissions Disclosures

    Share assurance-ready emissions reporting at the company and product-levels with stakeholders, customers, and the consumer public for compliance and decision making on merchandising and purchases.

  4. Access Expert Support

    Whatever your unique emissions situation, our consulting team can advise on sourcing lifecycle-based emissions factors specific to your products and operations.

Good.Lab & Franklin Energy – 1000+ SKU Product Footprint

Good.Lab helped Franklin Energy calculate precise footprints across their portfolio of clean energy products in order to offset their operational footprint.

ESG Case Study: Good.Lab and Franklin Energy

“Good.Lab gave us the expert guidance and tools to accelerate our efforts to understand and improve our ESG performance. Their data-driven approach helped us to define areas of opportunity and chart a measurable course to achieve our ambitious targets.”

Bridgid Lutz
Director of Sustainability
Franklin Energy

Read their story

Product Footprint Calculator FAQs

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