Calculating your company’s GHG Emissions has never been faster.

Quickly and confidently measure Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions with Good.Lab.

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A complete solution for managing your company’s GHG emissions

Calculate Scope 1, 2 & 3 Emissions

Calculate your company’s carbon footprint in a precise and granular manner, including direct, indirect, and value chain emissions across your operations.

Visualize Carbon Footprint

Drill down into Scope 1, 2 & 3 to identify high emissions sources and inform your SBTi target setting and strategies for reducing emissions.

Export Audit Ready Data

Export audit-ready data for reporting to investors, supply chain, regulators, stakeholders, and into common frameworks, GRI, CDP, SASB, TCFD, & ISSB.

Good.Lab’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Software

Expert guidance + robust sustainability software to help your company prepare a carbon inventory in just a few days.

Image of greenhouse gas emissions software in action

Aligned To Leading Standards

Produce an emissions baseline informed by and evolving with protocols from the World Resources Institute, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, GHG ProtocolSBTi, and the EPA.

Flexible Data Inputs

Select from an activity-level (direct) or spend-based (indirect) estimation approach depending on best available data for each category, with multiple data input options that leverage your existing climate data.

Image of greenhouse gas emissions software in action
Image of a dashboard on greenhouse gas emissions software.

Broad Industry Coverage

Suitable for every industry and company size with an easy to use interface that is customizable to your needs without requiring technical knowledge, such as specific emission factors.

Expert Guidance

Get a leg up on ESG reporting and carbon accounting with software flexible enough for in-house teams or for consultants and accounting professionals to help their clients integrate ESG factors into strategy.

Image of greenhouse gas emissions software in action

Why choose Good.Lab for your GHG Emissions Calculation

Accurate Accounting

Good.Lab simplifies emissions calculations and the overall decarbonization process, so you can quickly produce an audit-ready carbon inventory and plan for reducing future emissions.

Beyond Emissions

Emissions forms a large part of your ESG strategy, but there’s more to assessing ESG performance. We help you to prioritize ESG topics and then dig in on the areas that truly matter.

Climate Expertise

Receive hands-on support every step of the way, as you navigate the specific methodologies to use based on your available climate data from our in-house team.

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Ready to calculate your carbon emissions?

Reach out to learn how your business can measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the software developed by Good.Lab.

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Build your Climate Strategy with Good.Lab

Our process combines ESG software with expert guidance to meet you where you are in your ESG journey. Emissions calculations are an essential step of building a world-class ESG program.

  1. Calculate your GHG Baseline

    We help you gather the required data, augment with industry standard estimates where data is limited, and perform the best possible calculations.

  2. Explore your Emissions Footprint

    Access visualizations and recommendations to reduce company emissions and improve data quality across all Scope 1, 2, and 3 categories.

  3. Prepare for Disclosures

    Get audit ready emissions data reports that are SASB, GRI, CDP, TCFD, SDG ready, and built for pending ISSB and SEC regulation.

  4. Access Expert Support

    Whatever your unique emissions situation, our consulting team can customize data accounting based upon your company dynamics, including product-level emissions calculations.

Meet the companies using Good.Lab for GHG Emissions Calculation

Find out why more companies say Good.Lab is the best software and services provider for automating carbon emissions measurement and disclosure.

ESG Case Study: Good.Lab and Franklin Energy

“Good.Lab gave us the expert guidance and tools to accelerate our efforts to understand and improve our ESG performance. Their data-driven approach helped us to define areas of opportunity and chart a measurable course to achieve our ambitious targets.”

Bridgid Lutz
Director of Sustainability at Franklin Energy

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Group 3

“Good.Lab has been instrumental in guiding Protingent through complying with Microsoft’s supplier requirement to accurately measure, track, and report on our carbon footprint, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.”

Tim Bruce
CEO & President at Protingent

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Software FAQs

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