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Learn how Good.Lab can support your business on climate reporting:

Stay ahead of changing climate reporting & ESG regulations 

Climate-related risk reporting is becoming more widespread. California leads the way with its GHG Accountability Bill on Climate-related Financial Risk, SB 253 & SB 261, followed by the upcoming SEC climate disclosure rule, and potential climate risk disclosure legislation in New York and other states.  

These regulations hold the potential to impact 10,000+ U.S.-based, private, and public companies that are advised to prepare now to disclose a wide range of climate information, including Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions, and relevant climate-related risks. 

Climate Reporting Ready 

Assess your readiness for California’s TCFD-aligned climate risk disclosure regulations before reporting begins in 2026 with tools that support your corporate ESG & sustainability reporting efforts.    

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Climate Risk Compliance 

Get a tailored roadmap of actions and targets covering your company’s physical and transition climate risks, and plans to mitigate risks, and exploit related opportunities. 

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Future Proof Reporting 

Streamline your reporting for new and upcoming sustainability disclosures, and align with International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) & Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

ESG reporting

Good.Lab delivers end-to-end ESG performance management solutions that provide companies of all ESG performance and reporting maturity levels with powerful software and dedicated ESG experts.  

We will work together to assess your readiness to report on climate-related risks and prepare you to disclose for regulations, such as California’s SB 261.  

Climate Risk Readiness

Step 1

Assess Reporting Readiness 

  • Online climate readiness survey 
  • Multi-stakeholder & unlimited user access 
  • TCFD-aligned risk assessment  
  • Covers 4 core TCFD reporting pillars 

Conduct a multi-stakeholder, software-based assessment to determine your organizational readiness for reporting on climate-related risks. 

Step 2

Reporting Readiness Score 

  • Get your climate reporting readiness score 
  • Review results with your dedicated ESG expert 
  • Drill-down into results across 4 TCFD pillars 
  • Uncover any gaps in your current reporting capabilities 

Get a score assessing your readiness to report on climate-related risks broken down by the four reporting pillars of the TCFD and uncover any gaps in your reporting preparations. 

Climate Risk Readiness
Climate Risk Readiness

Step 3

Reporting Readiness Roadmap 

  • A clear path to compliance and risk mitigation 
  • Tailored roadmap for actionable compliance improvements 
  • Determine improvement time horizon for compliance 

Get your tailored roadmap of action items to prepare for reporting on climate-related risks, plus gain visibility into levers to bolster your long-term climate strategy. 

Step 4

Climate Reporting Compliance 

  • Governance
  • Climate Strategy
  • Climate Risk Management
  • Metrics and Targets

Once you complete your climate risk roadmap of actions, you’re ready to conduct voluntary or mandatory ESG reporting disclosures in line with TCFD & ISSB. 

Climate Risk Readiness

We understand that every company is different, and we’ll work with you to identify the unique climate risks that your business faces, considering factors such as location, industry, supply chain, and disclosure requirements.  Our work is guided by the latest scientific research and data to provide accurate and actionable insights into your climate risks, helping you make more informed decisions.  

Climate Risk Assessment

Understand the climate risks your company faces, and your current climate risk score across the four core TCFD pillars: governance, strategy, risk management, metrics & targets

Legislature & Regulations

Ensure compliance with the related geography and industry-specific legislation and regulations, including California’s SB 261 that impact your business

Climate Risk Roadmap

Your customized climate risk roadmap helps you to mitigate risks, exploit opportunities, and prepare for industry-compliant risk reporting 


Take the next steps in assessing your company’s preparedness for climate reporting. 

Reach out today to demo our Climate Risk Readiness solution and prepare your business navigate climate-related risk disclosures. 

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