Sustainability Consulting

Hire top sustainability talent for flexible engagements on climate, energy transition, and environmental, social, and corporate governance.


Expand your sustainability team with on-demand expertise to further organizational impact. Our network of Sustainability Subject-Matter Experts, ESG Data and Supply Chain Consultants, and fractional Chief Sustainability Officers empower your team to drive better outcomes.


Decoding the sustainability landscape is a challenging and ever-changing process. If you’ve already developed a sustainability strategy, our experts can help you refine it. If you’re early on in your sustainability journey, we can help you deploy a winning strategy across your operations and suppliers.


Our consulting services are flexible enough for every industry, with engagements tailored to your business lifecycle and personnel needs. Our network of consultants leverage industry playbook best-practice solutions that align to your core strategy and operations.

Our Consultants Bring Deep Expertise from Across Industries

Sustainability Consultant Network


Fractional Chief Sustainability Officers

  • Former CSOs and Sustainability Directors at major companies and consulting firms
  • Experience building and deploying ESG strategies and execution roadmaps
  • Brings strategic vision, solution best practices, deep industry knowledge

Sustainable Supply Chain Consultants

  • Can implement Supply Chain and data collection software, scope 3 footprint, 3PL
  • Will identify supply chain related business opportunities and risks
  • Can deploy strategy across your supply chain and engage all supply tiers

ESG Data Consultants

  • Tactical solution deployment and implementation
  • Brings workflow management solutions and best-in-class software
  • Experience building scalable data infrastructure using various technologies

Subject-Matter Experts

  • Brings specific skillset in ESG and sustainability subdomains
  • Deep expertise gained from industry/ NGO/ government/ academia
  • Lead projects with specific focus on carbon offsetting, DEI, waste management, and materials

Business Sustainability Strategists

  • Crafts overall business approach to creating long-term value 
  • Defines purpose-driven strategies for competitive advantage
  • Uncovers areas of risk to protect your brand

What is a Fractional CSO?

A Fractional Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) is a dedicated resource for your organization who can provide strategic guidance, lead organizational change, and address data systems design & optimization. Your CSO will act as an experienced in-house CSO but works on a part-time or project basis as determined by your company. The goal is to help your company scale fast without the commitment of bringing on a full-time employee.

Why hire a Fractional CSO?

The main reasons a company chooses to hire a fractional Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) over an in-house CSO are: to maximize experience; to ramp up quickly; for a temporary situation; or because they require deep expertise and immediate response to tackle a pressing sustainability project.

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The Good.Lab Advantage

We’re here to help you uncover and manage internal and external risk. That’s through Environmental, Social and Governance data collection, infrastructure optimization and delivery – with unprecedented access to former CSO-level consultants at leading companies.

Flexible Arrangements

Design a sustainability engagement tailored to your organizational needs

World Class Expertise

Gain access to former Fortune 500 sustainability executives

Tried and Tested Strategies

Leverage industry playbook and best-in-class sustainability software & solutions

We Approach Sustainability Consulting Differently

Our clients engage Good.Lab when they recognize that their ESG performance and ratings have become a roadblock for their in-house resources.

Fractional CSO and other consulting resources help businesses turn sustainability into a strategic, operations-aligned, core component of their organizational growth.

Business Outcomes

Develop effective data driven ESG strategy

Maximize returns for sustainability initiatives

Identify the right technology to support ESG data delivery capabilities

Gain more visibility and access to your own verified ESG results

Transform your company into a top ESG performer

Learn how we work

Strategy Support

ESG Strategy & Roadmap

Develop Strategy

  • Mission & Value Alignment
  • Stakeholder Assessment
  • Materiality Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Impact & Business Outcome Alignment

Build Roadmap

  • Prioritized Action Item (with timeline and accountable individual)
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • KPI’s

Execution Support

ESG Policies & Practices

Set Policies

  • Employee: Code of Conduct, Diversity
  • Customer: Terms of Use, Privacy
  • Supplier: Responsible Sourcing

Integrate to Product Design & Features

  • Responsible Product/Technology Plans (Ethical AI, Quality, Safety, Transparency)
  • Carbon Footprint & Environmental Performance

Integrate to Business Model

  • Pricing & Distribution: Affordability & Access
  • Sales: Ethical Marketing
  • Supply Chain: Audits & Enforcement

Communication Support

ESG Communications

Investor Relations

  • ESG Reporting
  • Fundraising

Community & Government Relations

  • Corporate Accountability & Governance
  • Social & Environment Impact

Customer Relations

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Product Labelling
  • Terms of Service (privacy, etc.)
  • Customer Service & Feedback

Our expertise

Extract greater value from your sustainability team’s efforts. Offload time-consuming data delivery and consolidation to our team of experts.


  1. Climate & Energy
  2. Materials, Waste, & Circularity
  3. Water
  4. Toxic & Hazardous Materials
  5. Biodiversity & Land Use


  1. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  2. Human Rights & Labor Practices
  3. Health, Safety, & Wellbeing
  4. Community Relations
  5. Product Marketing & Labeling


  1. Corporate Accountability
  2. Risk Management
  3. Supplier Performance Management
  4. Transparency
  5. Ethics & Code of Conduct
  6. Data Security & Customer Privacy
  7. Policy & Advocacy

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