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Measure your ESG progress against a focused set of impact areas to effectively reach your company’s sustainability goals.

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Good.Lab Empowers Companies To Track ESG Progress & Performance

Assess opportunities in select ESG areas & build a plan based on your capabilities

Set and calibrate achievable ESG targets based on current performance and strengths

Assign ownership and deadlines to measure and track ESG progress over time

View and aggregate results to evaluate the range of scores given on ESG progress to date

Good.Lab’s ESG Progress Assessment Tool

ESG Progress Assessment

Assess ESG Progress By Impact Area

Engage multiple users to assess company progress on high priority ESG topics with a short series of questions to baseline current capabilities and uncover future opportunities.

Track ESG Progress Over Time

Build an action plan for your company and monitor metrics and progress on high priority ESG topics in your ESG Performance Dashboard.

ESG Progress Assessment
ESG Progress Assessment

Summary Reporting on ESG Progress

In-house ESG leaders can see aggregated results from multiple users or within a functional area to evaluate the range of scores given on a particular ESG topic.

Consultant Views

Consulting partners can engage users from across the organization to assess progress and gain a comprehensive view of activities and progress in each relevant ESG area.

ESG Progress Assessment
ESG Progress Assessment

Investment Firms

View aggregated results of progress from portfolio companies to uncover common areas of opportunity and similar challenges to manage and improve ESG performance across investments.

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ESG Progress Assessment

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Assessing progress is an essential step in your ESG journey. Our experts help you to refine your targets and use your insights to set ambitious, yet achievable ESG goals with the tools to engage your entire company.

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  2. ESG Target Setting

  3. ESG Action Planning

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