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Why choose Good.Lab for your ESG Materiality Assessment

Identify priority ESG topics for your company, stakeholders, and industry

Capture multiple perspectives and compare inputs from all stakeholders

Uncover areas of priority & alignment – as well as areas of potential divergence

Gain insight into how ESG can create more value for your company

Good.Lab’s Dynamic Materiality Assessment Tool

Materiality Simplified

Automate collecting and collating inputs from multiple stakeholders via a web-based interface designed to be used by all stakeholders, not just sustainability professionals.

Easy To Use

Evaluate and prioritize quickly with only two essential scores needed per ESG topic:

  1. The topic’s current or potential impact on company’s business success over the next 3-5 years
  2. The topic’s importance to company’s internal and external stakeholders

Align Leadership

Your tailored results and our team of ESG experts can support you on guiding leadership on how to proceed on ESG from a business perspective.

Dynamic ESG Insights

Update your materiality assessment matrix in real-time, as often as needed — as business dynamics change or new team members come on board.

Unlimited Perspectives

Invites as many internal or external stakeholders as you want to participate in the process for a 360° view of your ESG materiality analysis.

Powerful Data Analysis

Drill-down filters enable consultants, ESG leaders, and Private Equity firms to analyze by an individual or group of ESG topics, by 1 or more companies, clients, or subsidiaries, or by 1 or more stakeholders, or functional teams.

ESG Education & Resources

Come up to speed quickly on ESG and materiality assessment sustainability with and accessible descriptions of ESG issues for stakeholders who aren’t as familiar with the topics.

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Materiality Assessment is the first step in your ESG journey. Our experts help you to use the insights from your Materiality Matrix to accelerate the process of developing a comprehensive plan for ESG.

  1. Sustainability Benchmarking

  2. ESG Target Setting

  3. ESG Action Planning

  4. Performance Improvement Roadmap

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