The Children’s Place Accelerates its ESG Strategy with Good.Lab

The Children’s Place (TCP) uses Good.Lab's ESG and apparel industry expertise to accelerate their sustainability program.

The Children's Place

ESG & Sustainability Goals

  • Accelerate and expand existing sustainability strategy
  • Conduct a materiality and benchmarking assessment to determine best practices and set ambitious goals

ESG & Sustainability Drivers

  • Assess market developments in susutianbility to ensure TCP is keeping pace
  • A desire to have an industry-leading sustainability program

The ESG Challenge

Since 2019, The Children’s Place (TCP) has prepared an annual ESG Report, aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards. However, in order to ensure that its strategy was keeping pace with industry developments, TCP sought an experienced ESG partner.

With a pragmatic approach to efficiently conducting Materiality Assessments and Sustainability Benchmarking of competitors, industry experience at relevant companies including Walmart, Target, GAP, Inc., etc., and scalable ESG software solutions based on an expansive Industry Benchmarks Dataset, Good.Lab proved to be the right ESG partner for TCP.

The Results

TCP’s collaboration with Good.Lab provided access to robust ESG software tools and experienced consultants, enabling a comprehensive Materiality Assessment and Sustainability Benchmarking. This guided approach offered TCP the actionable data necessary to inform and advance its ESG initiatives.

Good.Lab’s guidance and data tools have been pivotal in enhancing our approach to ESG. Their expertise helped us conduct a thorough Materiality Assessment and Sustainability Benchmarking, providing essential data to strengthen our sustainability efforts and better communicate a more comprehensive ESG roadmap to our senior leaders and Board of Directors.

Adrian Sherman, Vice President, Environment & Social Responsibility, The Children’s Place

ESG Solutions

Good.Lab provided TCP with software-based solutions to conduct a materiality assessment and determine their most material susutainability issues. They were able to assess their current sustainability performance and goals against our broad sustainability benchmarking library and industry target data set to calibrate their ESG targets and strengthen their sustainability efforts.

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