ESG Solutions

Accelerate performance with Good.Lab’s environmental, social and governance solutions & sustainability consulting services.


Software Platform

ESG Platform

Lower the activation effort for building a world-class ESG program from the ground up. Assess early progress, prioritize issues, and build a plan toward improved performance.

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ESG Strategy Consulting

Drive greater impact with industry experts and flexible engagements tailored to your needs.

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SaaS Subscriptions

ESG Subscriptions

Software access & ongoing support to transform your company into a top ESG performer.

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Platform Module

Materiality Assessment

Automate the process of identifying and ranking of ESG issues with multiple stakeholders as the cornerstone of your ESG strategy. 

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Platform Module

Benchmarking Assessment

Gauge your ESG position relative to peers and industry leaders, all informed by an expanding ESG benchmarks database.

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Platform Module

Progress Assessment

Measure your ESG progress against a focused set of impact areas to effectively reach your company’s sustainability goals.

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Platform Module

GHG Emissions Calculator

Easily produce an audit-ready, Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions footprint for your company and its operations.

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SaaS Apps

ESG Data Products

Put better ESG data at the center of your sustainability strategy

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Our Technology

Our technology-agnostic approach depends on your current data environment and deployed software. We assess where you’ve already made progress and what you’re using today. Then, we help you source and deploy software to fill any functional gaps to help you access insights from our ESG SaaS Platform.

Our Consultants

Our consultants hold significant experience driving sustainable transformation and moving ESG from a talking point to an everyday reality, with extensive experience working with industry leaders on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), carbon capture and storage (CCS), multi-tier supply chain initiatives and other relevant areas of ESG.

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Drive ESG Performance Across Your Organization

Good.Lab provides collaborative solutions benefiting every role across your company. Learn how you can improve operations – from supply chain to financials to sustainability performance – all with better ESG data.

Sustainability Professionals

Spend less time on ESG data collection and reporting frameworks and more time on strategy and execution. We help sustainability teams streamline data management tasks so they can focus on what really counts.

Supply Chain Professionals

Ensure the supplier strategies you develop are data driven to achieve the greatest possible impact. We help supply chain teams easily access, share and send ESG data across supplier tiers to ensure greater compliance and uncover opportunities for positive impact.

Board & C-Suite

Identify and manage ESG risks and opportunities that improve your company’s overall performance and market ratings. We provide Boards and C-Level leaders with valuable data insights.

Financial Executives

Facilitate your auditing processes with investment-grade ESG information you can rely on. We help financial leadership respond easily to ESG disclosures and apply a standards-based rigor to ESG data reporting.

Founders & CEO

Quickly gain access to an in-house team to define an integrated ESG strategy with the end result in mind from day one. We help you deliver quantifiable ESG metrics right from the start.


Learn how companies are integrating sustainability as a core business value. We help you uncover non-financial ESG factors to identify and screen your investments.

Industries We Serve

Every industry has their own unique operations and requirements, but they all have one thing in common – the need for improved ESG controls. Our specialist consultants and services support the following industries.

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