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At Good.Lab, we’re passionate about creating a more equitable and sustainable economy. We want to help you do the same by unlocking the value of your Environmental, Social and Governance data.

We are a 1% for the Planet member, as well as a pending B-Corporation.

Data Obsessive

We’re in the lab experimenting with new ways to measure and share your ESG performance so you don’t have to be.

Streamlined Reporting

We help you to eliminate data silos and reduce busy for your most important resources, so they can focus on ratings.

Performance Focused

We help you put data at the heart of your sustainability strategy with quantifiable insights that drive lasting change.

Flexible Arrangements

We help you maximize impact with access to our fractional talent with engagements tailored to your unique needs.

We would love to help you become an ESG leader.

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Good.Lab is changing the way companies think about their ESG data. Our solutions supercharge sustainability teams to drive data-enabled transformation.
Andries Verschelden Founder & CEO

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  • andries-verschelden
    Andries Verschelden
    Co-founder & CEO
  • liam-bossi
    Liam Bossi
    Co-founder & Head of Consulting
  • ted-grozier
    Ted Grozier
    Chief Sustainability Officer
  • mia-farber
    Mia Farber
    Vice President of Marketing

Our Consultants Bring Deep Expertise from Across Industries

Our ESG Data Services are designed to help your company become a top performer by developing and executing a strategic roadmap. Our data teams bring deep expertise across sustainability leaders and policymakers, from Fortune 500 to academia and the non-profit sector.



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Environmental, Social and corporate Governance has become today’s business imperative.

Five years ago, a static annual sustainability report may have been enough. Today, ESG is essential to your company’s bottom line: executive compensation is increasingly tied to these metrics and your investors and customers are paying closer attention than ever to real-time ESG signals.

  • Public companies are committed to ESG disclosure.

    90% of S&P 500 index companies published sustainability reports in 2019 up from 20% in 2011.

    G&A Report

  • Governments and induvstries increasingly mandate ESG.

    ESG reporting requirements for public companies now include over 400 sustainability instruments in 64 countries.

    Carrot & Stick report

  • Asset managers see ESG criteria as a fundamental priority.

    Larry Fink, CEO Blackrock predicts that by 2025 all investors will be using ESG metrics.

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Wherever your company is on its ESG data journey

Good.Lab can help your team

Harness your ESG data for improvement

Go beyond basic ESG reporting

Monitor internal and external ESG data signals

Supercharge your ESG performance

What does ESG mean?

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and societal impact of investment in a company or business. These criteria help to better decide the future financial performance of companies and are considered essential data by the investment community.

Why does ESG matter?

ESG matters because it gives investors more information to build portfolios aligned with their values, and also helps push for change. In this paradigm, companies are held more accountable for their actions and challenged to improve. There is growing evidence that companies managing their ESG issues well achieve better financial outcomes.

Why is ESG reporting challenging?

Most companies do not have a centralized ability to collect, analyze and report ESG data. Further, the sheer volume of data can take many forms and requires collection from countless internal and external data points. The type and breadth of data needed and requested is constantly in flux. A company’s operations and supply chain – and also external data points, such as press coverage, consumer behavior, and product recalls – can have an impact. The faster you can analyze the data, the faster your company can course-correct. Analyzing data coming from social media, news, IOT devices at factories, etc. quickly becomes a significant problem. It requires near-constant analysis to ensure there is no drift in ESG performance or consumer perception on ESG performance.

What if I already have ESG software?

We can work with that! ESG reporting software enables investors to customize questionnaires and data collection to ensure they are collecting the right data. After collection, your software should enable you to aggregate consistent, comparable and accurate ESG performance data from across your operations. We recognize that our customers are already using legacy software based on careful selection and implementation. Whatever ERP and databases you currently run, we will assess your overall data landscape and suggest solutions and integrations to address functional gaps.

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