Transforming Ambition into Reality: ezCater Establishes a Foundation for ESG with Good.Lab

ezCater established environmental metrics, targets and reporting with Good.Lab’s software and consulting expertise.

ezCater: ESG foundation with Good.Lab 
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ESG & Sustainability Goals

  • Drive positive impact
  • Improve the quality of GHG emissions data across Scope 1, 2, and 3
  • Collaborate with companies in their value chain to reduce waste and emissions

ESG & Sustainability Drivers

  • Customer and investor interest in sustainability
  • Desire to leverage position as industry thought leader to drive positive change
  • Submit their EcoVadis sustainability assessment


ezCater is the leading food for work technology company in the U.S., connecting anyone who needs food for their workplace with over 100,000 restaurants nationwide. The company had embarked on its ESG journey with a strong governance structure in place around data protection and security, and social initiatives, addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

To build on their existing ESG progress, ezCater approached Good.Lab to establish a data-driven foundation for environmental sustainability, including measurement of GHG emissions and creating a decarbonization strategy.

With Good.Lab, ezCater completed their inaugural ESG materiality assessment, a baseline carbon footprint measurement, and target-setting workshops which would serve as the foundation for their ESG program.

ezCater’s Sustainability Journey: Comprehensively Addressing ESG

As a fast-growing company, ezCater wanted to expand upon their existing social and governance performance to also address environmental sustainability. Under this new comprehensive approach to ESG, ezCater required better visibility into understanding the material sustainability topics for their stakeholders. They also wanted to address some of the more complex aspects of assessing their environmental performance, such as creating emissions boundaries, conducting Scope 3 measurements, and building decarbonization plans.

Selecting a Solutions Provider to Build a Data-Driven Foundation for ESG

With a small, but ambitious, newly-formed sustainability team, ezCater required some additional expertise to undertake all of the initiatives they wanted to achieve and take their ESG program to the next level.

Specifically, they required support on more complex environmental topics, e.g., emissions boundaries and collecting and calculating Scope 3 (value chain) emissions data. They also required expertise in building plans to address the role that partner companies in their value chain could play in their sustainability efforts, and how they could work with or influence them to collaborate on these initiatives.

After considering multiple solutions providers, ezCater decided to work with Good.Lab because of the breadth of their high-touch consulting services combined with the powerful data visualizations and year-on-year ESG data history in their software platform. Here are three reasons that Good.Lab proved to be the right ESG solutions provider for ezCater:

  1. End-to-end ESG Solutions: Good.Lab’s sustainability and ESG solutions go beyond just measurement. Good.Lab supported ezCater throughout the process of setting their foundational organization boundaries to clarify precisely what emissions they needed to measure and report. After measuring emissions, Good.Lab helped them to develop a performance improvement roadmap with recommendations to reduce emissions and address other environmental impact areas.
  2. Sustainability Software Platform: As a technology company, it was important to ezCater to be able totrack their emissions data with an easy-to-use software platform. Good.Lab’s software provided comprehensive tools to conduct a multi-user materiality assessment and produce a granular measurement of their year-over-year GHG emissions across Scope 1, 2, and 3 with a data trail for auditing and attestation.
  3. Full Emissions Measurement: It was essential for ezCater to produce an accurate and full carbon footprint, not just an estimate. Good.Lab helped ezCater to define their organizational boundaries in order to know exactly what types of data to collect and ingest into Good.Lab’s emissions measurement software. This information was then analyzed by Good.Lab’s climate experts in order to advise on a strategic approach to reducing emissions via renewable energy, increased stakeholder engagement, and carbon offsets.

Good.Lab was the perfect partner for us to accelerate the development of our ESG program. With their deep industry expertise and software platform, we were able to improve our EcoVadis score over last year’s.

Good.Lab’s Software + Consulting Services Enabled ezCater to Establish a Solid Foundation for ESG

ezCater now has an accurate carbon footprint and a clear set of priorities based on what is most material and relevant to their stakeholders. Armed with a data-based, ESG strategy, the ezCater sustainability team is empowered to make progress towards their targets. Here are some early wins from ezCater’s ongoing work with Good.Lab:

  1. Materiality Assessment: ezCater utilized Good.Lab’s sustainability software to conduct their first comprehensive materiality assessment. This helped them define what areas of sustainability to focus on and what they would need to do to become a leader in ESG.
  2. Baseline Emissions: Good.Lab helped ezCater to define which emissions areas to measure to ensure they collected the appropriate data, and accurately calculated their first fully comprehensive carbon footprint in 2023.
  3. Sustainability Performance Targets: Collecting their emissions baseline and other sustainability data helped ezCater create a set of targets around energy, emissions, waste, and packaging.
  4. Annual Emissions Measurements: Now that they have their baseline defined, ezCater plans to use Good.Lab’s software to conduct annual emissions measurements that track their progress and iterate on targets and decarbonization strategies.
  5. Sustainability Reporting: With a comprehensive data set, targets, and strategies to meet them, ezCater was able to report into and improve their annual EcoVadis score, and is planning for future reporting into CDP, GRI and producing an annual sustainability report.
  6. Waste Reduction & Low Impact Menu Choices: ezCater plans to conduct further research, and develop a strategy with Good.Lab’s support to inform their approach to client outreach and education on waste reduction and low impact menu choices.

Good.Lab helped us to outline our material ESG topics, calculate our emissions footprint, outline our initial targets and engage our broader team in a matter of only a few months. They are wonderful to work with, and they’ve always gone above and beyond to make sure we were set up for success!

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ezCater’s partnership with Good.Lab has been transformative, driving both ESG progress and tangible results in environmental sustainability. Ready to establish your own solid foundation for ESG with expert guidance and advanced tools? Reach out to us to see how we can help accelerate your sustainability journey.

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