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Gauge your ESG position relative to peers and industry leaders, all informed by an expanding ESG benchmarks database.

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Why choose Good.Lab for ESG Benchmarking

Access 1,000+ benchmarks from a comprehensive database of industries

Learn from peers, top performers, and innovative approaches to ESG

Easily analyze targets and drill-down by company, size, industry, or impact area

Define your company’s commitment to ESG based on real targets and goals

Good.Lab’s ESG Benchmarking Assessment Tool

Benchmarking Assessment

1,000+ ESG Benchmarks

Learn how over 80 leading companies are defining their commitments to ESG and analyze key industry metrics.

Easily Filter Targets

Drill-down into ESG targets and easily filter by selected peers, as well as by company, size, industry, and impact area.

Benchmarking Assessment
Benchmarking Assessment

Learn From Top Performers

Assess existing commitments and ambitions to chart a course towards your own ESG targets, all guided by industry best practices.

Calibrate Your ESG Ambition

Use benchmarking results to align leadership, set targets, and calibrate ambition relative to industry peers.

Benchmarking Assessment
Benchmarking Assessment

Aggregate Benchmark Data

Consultants and admins can filter and view data by an individual or group of ESG topics, by 1 or more companies, clients, or subsidiaries, or by 1 or more stakeholders, or functional teams.

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Benchmarking is an essential step in kicking off your ESG journey. Our experts help you to refine your targets with analysis to set realistic, and achievable ESG goals and engage corporate teams.

  1. Sustainability Benchmarking

  2. ESG Target Setting

  3. ESG Action Planning

  4. Performance Improvement Roadmap

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