Non-profit CISCRP Completes CDP Reporting in Record Time with Good.Lab

Explore how Good.Lab helped a healthcare non-profit meet its CDP reporting requirement and align company values to their environmental performance.

  • Company
  • Industry Health Care
  • ESG Need Sustainability Strategy
  • Founded 2008
  • Size 1200+ employees
  • Headquarters Boston, USA

ESG & Sustainability Goals

  • Meet customer climate data requirements and report to CDP every year
  • Go beyond CDP requirements and set targets to decarbonize
  • Integrate sustainability as a core part of CISCRP’s operations

ESG & Sustainability Drivers

  • Customer request to complete CDP reporting
  • Build their sustainability profile internally & externally


CISCRP is a non-profit healthcare organization that aims to provide accessible, relevant, useful, high-quality educational resources, programs, and services that increase awareness and understanding of the clinical research processes.

CISCRP started its sustainability journey with Good.Lab when they received a request to respond to a CDP questionnaire from one of their customers. Following this request, they have begun regularly quantifying and reporting their carbon footprint and now have a decarbonization strategy that they plan to get validated by the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).

CISCRP’s Sustainability Journey

The sustainability journey for the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) started when they received an urgent request to disclose their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions via CDP questionnaire. The request came from one of their largest customers in the pharmaceutical industry, and therefore it was imperative for CISCRP to comply.

As a mission-driven not-for-profit, CISCRP embraced the opportunity to go beyond compliance to actually build upon their existing social endeavors through their incredible work of democratizing clinical research to highlight their efforts to mitigate their environmental footprint and engage their employees along the journey.

CISCRP’s Sustainability Challenge: Getting Ahead of Customer Data Requests

Despite having existing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and wanting to become a more sustainable organization, CISCRP was still relatively new to sustainability measurement and reporting, and they lacked the in-house expertise and bandwidth to get started.

When they were tasked by a customer to complete a CDP questionnaire within a very tight turnaround time, they approached Good.Lab to help them measure their carbon footprint in a robust and granular way before sharing the results with their customers via CDP, all within a 2-week deadline.

When we were approached by our customer to fill out a CDP questionnaire, we found a partner in Good.Lab, who could help us get it done in an efficient, quick, and cost-effective manner.

Rachel Borghi, Quality and Compliance Officer, CISCRP

Sustainability Solved: How Good.Lab’s Climate Experts and Software Guided CISCRP Toward Speedy CDP Reporting

CISCRP used Good.Lab’s emissions software to produce a comprehensive carbon footprint and leverage their ESG experts to ensure they met their CDP reporting deadline. Here is how Good.Lab solved this sustainability challenge for CISCRP:

  • Software + Consulting: CISCRP required guidance in addition to software to complete their CDP requirement and Good.Lab delivered with access to its ESG expert’s standard on all engagements. A Good.Lab consultant guided them through the process of calculating their emissions footprint utilizing their software platform that provides the required data history, metadata, and audit trails that are essential for complying with certain reporting regulations that require ESG data auditing.
  • CDP Expertise: CISCRP selected to work with Good.Lab, because of their extensive experience in helping clients respond to CDP, they trusted that Good.Lab could help them to submit their CDP report in the allotted timeframe.
  • Precise GHG Measurement: As part of their CDP report, they needed an accurate measurement across Scope 1, 2, and 3. Good.Lab’s GHG Emissions software enabled them to produce an in-depth carbon footprint, including in-depth scope 3 coverage.
  • Sustainability Benchmarking: CISCRP used Good.Lab’s industry benchmarking target dataset to assess what actions their peers were taking and accordingly calibrate their own ambitions for their sustainability program.
  • ESG Target Setting: Based on their carbon footprint and benchmarking assessment results, Good.Lab was able to advise CISCRP on setting measurable, achievable, and ambitious sustainability goals, including realistic emissions reduction targets.

Sustainability Outcomes: CISCRP Used Their First CDP Report as a Stepping Stone to Go Beyond ESG Compliance

With their inaugural CDP disclosure successfully submitted and GHG emissions calculated, CISCRP is now in a great position to set decarbonization goals and have those targets validated by SBTi. Here are some of the sustainability achievements CISCRP made in working with Good.Lab:

  • Confidence in meeting future CDP disclosure deadlines: CISCRP now feels confident that they can meet their customers’ CDP reporting requirements every year with Good.Lab in their corner
  • Getting ahead of future customer requirements: CISCRP plans to get ahead of any future customer ESG data requests by having their emissions reduction goals validated by SBTi, with support from Good.Lab
  • Data-driven sustainability strategy: With all of the new granular climate data they now have, CISCRP can create data-driven strategies for meaningfully reducing their emissions
  • Sustainability reporting: Now that CISCRP has collated its ESG data and is reporting to CDP, it plan to share its sustainability impacts in an annual sustainability report

Good.Lab’s software and expertise helped us to strengthen relationships with our clients and define our sustainability ambitions. Our continued sustainability work will enable us to go beyond the expectations of our stakeholders.

Rachel Borghi, Quality and Compliance Officer, CISCRP

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