ESG Calculation software

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Features & Benefits

SaaS Tool to Automate the Early Stages of the ESG Journey

Client Benefit: A place for companies to get started quickly with their ESG initiatives, navigate through a confusing landscape – too many ESG issues and frameworks, many lack expertise or resources to tackle this in-house.

ESG Dashboard

Client Benefit: A single web-based “holistic” view of your company’s stated ESG priorities and progress made to date on the issues you’ve identified as most important.

Issue Prioritization

Client Benefit: Diagnose which ESG issues truly matter to your company and industry, and what ESG means to your company to determine where to focus.

Progress Assessment

Client Benefit: Answer a short series of questions to gauge your company’s current ESG baseline today, uncover opportunities for improvement, and track your progress on high priority impact areas.

Impact Areas

Client Benefit: Drill-down into each impact area to see Good.Lab’s recommended action items and best practices for each issue, evaluate your strengths, and select which actions to track as part of your ESG action plan.

Industry Targets

Client Benefit: View targets from industry leaders to learn where other companies are taking action, with data supported by our continually expanding industry ESG target database.

Action Plan

Client Benefit: Track your progress on the action items you’ve identified as most important for your company and ESG initiatives to address.

Resources, Playbooks, & Toolkits

Client Benefit: Access aggregated reputable resources from EPA, GHG Protocol, World Resources Institute and others to educate your team and advance on ESG initiatives.

ESG Talent Marketplace

Client Benefit: Get matched with expert ESG and Sustainability resources in our network who help you build an ESG program that deliverables measurable impact.

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