Sustainable Compliance: How Protingent Met Microsoft’s GHG Emissions Reporting Requirements with Good.Lab

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Protingent needed an experienced solution partner with climate expertise and the right tools to streamline their emissions management processes. With a pragmatic approach, in- house experts, and scalable software solutions, Good.Lab proved to be the right partner to support Protingent in producing an accurate GHG emissions baseline across Scopes 1, 2, and 3, calculating their service level emissions, and providing guidance in setting targets for emissions reduction to comply with Microsoft’s requirements.

Protingent engaged Good.Lab to meet Microsoft’s supplier requirements to calculate the company’s GHG baseline and service level emissions and explore opportunities to reduce their emissions. As a result of their engagement, Protingent gained access to powerful ESG software tools and experienced climate consultants who guided their journey through GHG Emissions Footprint measurement on to reporting directly to Microsoft. Accordingly, they were able to submit accurate GHG emissions data to comply with Microsoft’s Supplier Code of Conduct and maintain a healthy business relationship.

Good.Lab has been instrumental in guiding Protingent through complying with Microsoft’s supplier code of conduct, particularly in meeting the complex emissions reporting requirement. Their expertise and support have enabled us to accurately measure, track, and report on our carbon footprint, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability. I look forward to a continued relationship with Good.Lab as our sustainability partner.

Tim Bruce, CEO & President, Protingent