The Sustainability Roadmap

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In our new research report “The Sustainability Roadmap: How the Mid-Market is Meeting the ESG Challenge Today and in the Future,” the second in our C-suite survey series we look at how ESG is and will affect the US mid-market today and in the coming years. With companies being confronted by requests for data, new regulations, and ESG-related financial risks they see ESG as important today, but to be even more important in the next 1-3 years.

Our report offers valuable insights to help you understand how the US mid-market considers ESG as part of their wider business strategy, the kind of initiatives they are undertaking, the challenges they face, and how they are using software and third-party vendors to mitigate those challenges. And how those trends evolve over time.

Access the survey to uncover valuable insights into the US mid-market, told from the perspective of 100 C-suite employees and sustainability leaders at mid-market US companies.

Learn the importance of ESG in business strategy today and the sustainability roadmap heading into the next few years.

Download the Sustainability Roadmap to discover:

  • What are the main catalysts motivating ESG Actions: From customer demands to regulations, and employee pressure what are the main motivating factors for the US mid-market
  • How important ESG is to the US mid-market today vs. the future: Do companies consider ESG as an important factor in their overall business strategy and will it get less or more important over time?
  • The kinds of initiatives companies are embarking on: What approaches are firms taking to set and reach ESG objectives, and the challenges they are facing to accomplish them?
  • How companies are using software and services to get their ESG off the ground: What companies are using software and what for and what companies are using external vendors and what ones?
  • How much the US mid-market is investing in ESG: You may be surprised by the figures that small companies are prepared to put aside for their ESG programs

About the research report and survey:

In August 2023, we conducted a comprehensive survey with 100 U.S. C-suite executives responsible for ESG within their roles, along with sustainability leaders representing companies generating revenue between $500 million and $2 billion. This extensive study encompassed a diverse range of industries, totaling 17 sectors, ensuring a broad, industry-agnostic perspective on leadership perspectives on ESG. The market research was conducted in collaboration with our data partner, Ovation Market Research, and in coordination with