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Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) expectations for companies and the regulatory environment continue to evolve rapidly for companies. That’s why this quarter is all about agility, enabling us to introduce powerful new tools for our ESG strategy and management platform and with added capabilities for in-house ESG leaders, sustainability consultants, and private equity firms and other investors. Check out our latest product features designed to help your company advance its ESG initiatives more efficiently.

Newest ESG Platform Features

ESG Benchmarks Database

ESG Benchmarks Database

Know where your company stands on ESG by learning from top performers in your industry. We’ve introduced an ever expanding ESG benchmarks database categorizing how over 80 leading companies are defining their commitments to ESG today. The tool allows you to quickly drill-down into and filter targets to gauge your company’s performance and progress relative to peers and industry leaders.

Benchmarking is an essential step in kicking off your ESG journey, as it reveals your ESG performance to date and ultimately guides you to identify weaknesses, set the right sustainability targets, and aims for your company’s ESG efforts.

ESG Progress Assessment Tool with Summary Reporting

ESG Progress Assessment Tool

Start measuring progress towards your ESG goals with a progress tracker and action planner to you monitor your progress on your identified, high priority topics.

The ESG Progress Assessment tool includes multiple administrative views for Summary Reporting – whether you’re an in-house ESG leader, an ESG consultant, or investor with a broad portfolio, you can access aggregated views of progress with inputs from multiple users, companies, subsidiaries, or departments. Uncover common areas of opportunity and similar challenges to manage and improve ESG performance.

ESG Materiality Assessment Tool

ESG Materiality Assessment Tool

Good.Lab’s Materiality Assessment tool helps companies at the very start of their ESG journey, to prioritize topics more efficiently and converge around an agreed upon set of ESG topics.

Companies often drag their feet on this important process because they feel stakeholder engagement and agreement is too difficult to achieve. We’ve cut through all of that — so you can get clear on which of the many material issues to manage and demonstrate the same to your leadership. And, if you’re still not convinced that on materiality is the right place to start building an effective strategy around ESG, check out our recent article that breaks down the value of conducting a materiality exercise and why it’s even better to automate the process.

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