ESG Dashboard

Easily view your company’s top priority ESG issues and monitor progress on what matters most.

Materiality Assessment

Identify priority ESG topics for your company, stakeholders, and industry to focus your efforts.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator

Measure scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions at the company and product levels.

Benchmarking Assessment

Gauge your ESG position relative to peers and industry leaders.

Progress Assessment

Answer a short series of questions to assess your company’s current ESG baseline and progress to date for high priority impact areas.


  • Assign priority status to help you determine which ESG issues to focus on first.
  • Aggregated inputs from multiple team members provides a company-wide perspective.

Action Plan

Build an ESG plan for your company, track progress, and assign ownership for your selected issues.

Impact Areas

Drill-down into each impact area to evaluate strengths and opportunities, see Good.Lab’s recommended action items, and add actions to your ESG plan.

Expert Help

Connect with our network of ESG and Sustainability experts to help you build an ESG program that deliverables measurable impact.

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Let's Go!

Start building your ESG plan that includes:

  • ESG Issue Prioritization
  • Ongoing Progress Assessment
  • A Customized Action Plan
  • Plus much more...
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