Good.Lab’s new assessment tool helps companies to accelerate their ESG journeys

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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Calculator provides a platform for companies to diagnose, improve, and transform their sustainability initiatives


Good.Lab, an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data company, has announced the launch of its ESG Calculator. 

The ESG Calculator provides a set of tools for companies in the early stages of their ESG initiatives to prioritize ESG issues, assess progress and plan actions. It also includes access to free tools, resources, and benchmarks, an expert talent marketplace, and action tracker to monitor progress towards relevant ESG goals. 

As expectations for ESG performance quickly come to the forefront, more businesses are acting to address these criteria in planning for differentiation and long-term viability. However, there is a significant amount of preliminary work prior to companies reporting on and working to improve their ESG performance. Larger enterprises are investing time, energy, and resources to capitalize on ESG ratings. Small and medium-sized companies also face increasing expectations, however, may lack the resources, expertise, and technology for performance improvement. 

“After helping lots of companies get started on their ESG journey, we built the ESG Calculator to automate those first data challenges that every company has to overcome. The ESG Calculator lowers the activation energy needed to go from 0 to 1 by providing the tools, knowledge, and resources to navigate those early stages.”

Andries Verschelden, CEO & Co-founder at Good.Lab
Good.Lab’s ESG Calculator provides sustainability resources for various industries.

Good.Lab empowers companies of all sizes to take action on ESG issues through its sustainability consulting services powered by an experienced talent network and ESG data products focused on a quantitative, data-driven methodology. The ESG Calculator, designed for the initial phases of ESG ramp up, is the company’s first software release and makes select capabilities already in use in client engagements free to the broader public. 

“Good.Lab guided us through the early stages of launching our ESG program and in defining what matters most to our company. Good.Lab’s quantitative approach to ESG has helped us to set relevant sustainability targets and gather data for tracking our progress.”

Jason Mayes, Director of Marketing & Intellectual Property at Bioworld Merchandising

With Good.Lab’s ESG Calculator companies can get started with just a few short questions to define, prioritize, and articulate the most material ESG issues facing their company and to benchmark progress against industry peers and sustainability leaders.  

“This tool automates much of the preliminary work behind setting accurate, meaningful, and achievable ESG targets prior to tackling the process of setting up systems for internal and external data collection and processing, supply chain engagement, carbon offsetting, and ESG reporting compliance. It’s a powerful place to start.”

Liam Bossi, Chief Product Officer & Co-founder at Good.Lab

The ESG Calculator also helps companies to identify internal opportunities for improvement, including determining which targets to pursue. It also provides progress baselining and tracking functionality to give further insights into performance all with a set of customized action items for each ESG impact area.  

Try out Good.Lab’s ESG Calculator here:

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Good.Lab was started to create a more equitable and sustainable economy by unleashing the power of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) data. As companies are increasingly evaluated on a long-term commitment to delivering positive outcomes in their communities, on the environment, to their workers, customers and shareholders, sustainability has become a competitive advantage. Good.Lab provides strategic consulting services and data solutions that help companies supercharge impact by making their ESG data actionable and smart. Good.Lab transforms its clients’ ESG data reporting engine to deliver actionable insights to management, reliable data to investors, and transparent data to customers. Good.Lab is a 1% for the Planet member, as well as a pending B-Corporation.

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