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We help you unlock the value of your Environmental, Social and Governance data.

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Scope 3 Emissions
Human Rights
ESG Reporting
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Materials, Waste, Circularity
Health, Safety, Wellbeing
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Take Control of your ESG Performance

Put data at the center of your impact strategy.

Wherever your company is on its sustainability journey. We’re here to accelerate your impact by helping your team navigate the growing maze of Environmental, Social and, Governance data to unlock tomorrow’s ESG opportunities.

Streamline your ESG Data Requests

Strong ESG performance correlates with a streamlined data delivery strategy.

Interest in your company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance data is growing. We’re here to help your team readily respond to the exploding volume of data requests, supply chain surveys and reporting frameworks to free up your sustainability resources to focus on driving change.

Uncover Insights from your ESG Data

Unleash the power of your ESG data for more than bragging rights.

Don’t just collect Environmental, Social, and Governance data, put it to work. We help you build your company’s reputation as a committed sustainability leader by turning your ESG data into actionable insights that transform your company’s sustainability efforts into an even greater strategic resource.

Our Solutions

Maximize your impact with access to top sustainability talent and innovative ESG data services.

Sustainability Consulting

Ramp up initiatives with on-demand sustainability experts who work alongside your team to drive tangible impact.

  • Chief Sustainability Officers
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Experts
  • ESG Data Consultants
  • Business Sustainability Strategists
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ESG Data

Build a quantitative approach to ESG with data infrastructure to measure, track, report and improve overall performance.

  • ESG Data Mapping & Collection
  • Centralized ESG Data Warehousing
  • Internal & External ESG Reporting
  • ESG Data Visualizations & Insights
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ESG Performance Packages

Transform your company into a top ESG performer with the tools and expertise to launch an ESG program from the ground up.

  • ESG Program Development
  • ESG Target Setting
  • ESG Data Gathering & Assessment
  • ESG Performance Tracking
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Our Approach

Extract greater value from your sustainability team’s efforts. Offload time-consuming data delivery and consolidation to our team of experts.

  1. Access experienced and accountable resources to build you a data informed strategy.

    Quantified data should form an integral part of your successful sustainability strategy. We help you benchmark current performance and develop a strategy to measure your progress across ESG benchmarks.

  2. Implement a solution roadmap for continual progress tracking and improvement.

    Best-in-class technology boosts performance by reducing workload, so your sustainability team can focus on ratings and improvement, not engineering data infrastructure. Our data experts help you select, implement and deploy required software solutions.

  3. Start monitoring to manage risk and cement your company’s position as an ESG top performer.

    Monitoring ESG ratings is an ongoing process. Consolidate your internal and external ESG data signals with visibility into ESG dashboards and visualizations for better data insights and value creation.

  4. Achieve a measurable result and a clear path to improvement

    Good.Lab brings significant quantitative ability around supply chain and ESG data management. We collaborate with your teams to decide the best area of impact and how to measure progress.

Our expertise

Our consultants bring experience across the sustainability field. We handpick industry experts from our pool of professionals to address your unique needs irrespective of industry, sector, or geography.


  1. Climate & Energy
  2. Materials, Waste, & Circularity
  3. Water
  4. Toxic & Hazardous Materials
  5. Biodiversity & Land Use


  1. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  2. Human Rights & Labor Practices
  3. Health, Safety, & Wellbeing
  4. Community Relations
  5. Product Marketing & Labeling


  1. Corporate Accountability
  2. Risk Management
  3. Supplier Performance Management
  4. Transparency
  5. Ethics & Code of Conduct
  6. Data Security & Customer Privacy
  7. Policy & Advocacy

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