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Human Rights
ESG Reporting
ESG Ratings
Materials, Waste, Circularity
Health, Safety, Wellbeing
Climate & Energy
Ethics & Code of Conduct
Energy Mix
Carbon Footprint
Product Sustainability
Supplier Performance
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
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Drive ESG performance across your organization with dedicated solutions for companies, consultants, and investors

For Companies

Quickly define an integrated ESG strategy with the end result in mind. Spend less time on data management and more time on performance.

Advance your ESG efforts

For Consultants

Help your clients define an ESG strategy that adheres to codified standards, robust internal controls, and industry-specific disclosure requirements.

Guide your clients’ ESG journey

For Investors

Uncover how the companies you care about most are incorporating ESG factors into operations to identify and screen your investments.

Visualize portfolio ESG performance

Purpose-built solutions for each step of your ESG journey

Step 1

Get Started on ESG

Define which ESG issues are strategically important to your company.

Identify areas of highest priority, benchmark industry performance, and drive strategic alignment.

  • Materiality & Risk Assessment
  • Progress Assessment
  • Sustainability Benchmarking
  • Industry Targets Database
Build your ESG strategy

Step 2

Establish ESG Targets

Determine what targets to set and assess your current performance.

Set quantitative targets that capture your ambition and establish a current baseline for your performance.

  • ESG Target Setting
  • Performance Baseline
  • GHG Emissions Calculator
  • Climate Risk Assessment​
Measure your ESG performance

Step 3

Improve ESG Performance

Measure momentum towards your goals and communicate accurate results.

Build a plan to achieve your ambition, all backed by verified ESG performance metrics for reporting on to key stakeholders.

  • ESG Improvement Roadmap 
  • ESG Scorecard
  • Data Blueprint 
  • Reporting Blueprint
Manage ESG performance

Create more value by quantifying your sustainability performance


Attract & Retain Talent

71% of professionals would be willing to take a pay cut to work for a company that has a mission they believe in and shared values.


Differentiate Your Brand

66% of all consumers and 73% of millennials are willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings.

Nielsen Global Corporate

Grow Sales

50% of CPG sales is earned by the 17% of products that transparently advertise sustainable attributes.


Our sustainability experts have worked with the best companies in every category

Our expertise

Our consultants bring experience across the sustainability field. We handpick industry experts from our pool of professionals to address your unique needs irrespective of industry, sector, or geography.


  1. Climate & Energy
  2. Materials, Waste, & Circularity
  3. Water
  4. Toxic & Hazardous Materials
  5. Biodiversity & Land Use


  1. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  2. Human Rights & Labor Practices
  3. Health, Safety, & Wellbeing
  4. Community Relations
  5. Product Marketing & Labeling


  1. Corporate Accountability
  2. Risk Management
  3. Supplier Performance Management
  4. Transparency
  5. Ethics & Code of Conduct
  6. Data Security & Customer Privacy
  7. Policy & Advocacy

Leading companies are working with Good.Lab to advance their ESG performance

Case study: Franklin Energy

“Good.Lab provided us with the expert guidance and tools to accelerate our efforts to understand and improve our ESG performance.”

Bridgid Lutz
Director of Sustainability at Franklin Energy

Read their story
Case study: Bioworld

“Good.Lab’s quantitative approach to ESG has helped us to set relevant sustainability targets and gather data for tracking our progress.

Jason Mayes
Director of Marketing & Intellectual Property at Bioworld

Read their story

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