Good.Lab Selected for 2022 AICPA/ Startup Accelerator

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ESG data company, Good.Lab, selected for the 2022 AICPA/ Startup Accelerator along with nine other technology companies innovating on solutions for the accounting space.


Good.Lab, an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data company, whose ESG performance management and compliance software allows organizations to transform their ESG data reporting engine to deliver actionable insights to management, investors, and customers has been selected as a member of the 2022 AICPA/ Startup Accelerator cohort. The annual AICPA/ Startup Accelerator features 10 early-stage technology companies that are developing solutions for the accounting space. This year, the Accelerator includes a focus on companies working to address ESG.

We created this program five years ago as a way to identify emerging trends and drive innovation within the accounting profession. The Accelerator has been a great success, supporting leading-edge companies to help drive the transformation of accounting services in key areas such as blockchain, assurance, ESG and automation.

Erik Asgeirsson, President and CEO,

As ESG expectations for mid-market companies increase, quantitative measurement of performance and progress against a holistic set of ESG metrics and targets has become essential. Companies now require auditable ESG data that demonstrates ambition and continuous improvement and the resources, talent, and technology to make this happen. 

We’re excited to be selected and to meet the other company participants in the ESG cohort. Qualitative ESG platitudes won’t cut it anymore for companies that want to be industry leaders. Our hope for this association is to further develop and equip business consulting and CPA firms with the right software tools to meet their clients’ needs around managing and improving ESG performance.

Andries Verschelden, Co-founder and CEO, Good.Lab

Good.Lab’s ESG activation solutions are designed for companies just starting on ESG to develop quantitative targets to accurately gauge performance, set goals for improvement, and communicate reliable ESG performance data and progress to key business stakeholders. For companies further along in their ESG journeys, Good.Lab’s acceleration services including monthly ESG performance management subscriptions and ESG consulting engagements that address supply chain strategies to future-proof products and vendor relationships, and product level sustainability strategies to track, improve, and communicate on waste/water/carbon footprints, and innovate on next-gen materials and circularity.

About Good.Lab 
Good.Lab was started to create a more equitable and sustainable economy by unleashing the power of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) data. As companies are increasingly evaluated on a long-term commitment to delivering positive outcomes in their communities, on the environment, to their workers, customers and shareholders, sustainability has become a competitive advantage. Good.Lab empowers its clients to act on ESG issues through ESG performance management & compliance software. Good.Lab solutions transform clients’ ESG data reporting engine to deliver actionable insights to management, reliable data to investors, and transparent data to customers.

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