Good.Lab Enhances its middle market ESG Platform with a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator 

Good.Lab Enhances its middle market ESG Platform with a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator

GHG emissions calculator provides an online tool for mid-market companies to produce audit-ready carbon footprints.

Good.Lab, the leading ESG solutions provider for the mid-market, announced today that it launched a greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) calculator as part of its ESG software platform. Good.Lab’s easy-to-use online tool enables mid-market companies to quickly measure Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and augment any data gaps with industry standard estimates.

Evolving climate reporting requirements and value chain relationships now often require carbon accounting. This is due in large part to pending U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (the SEC) proposed rules for climate change disclosures. While they are not yet final, the SEC’s proposal would require publicly held companies to disclose any prospective risks and material impacts on the business, strategy and outlook caused by climate change; Scope 1 and 2 emissions; Scope 3 emissions, if material or if the registrant has set a GHG emissions reduction target; among additional qualitative and quantitative climate risk disclosures. These regulations will mainstream climate and ESG disclosures, and more U.S. middle market companies will receive requests from their downstream value chain partners to provide carbon accounting as part of their own efforts to calculate Scope 3 emissions. 

Calculating emissions properly is both knowledge and time intensive. Interested parties need a straightforward solution to calculate multiple emissions factors and guidance. Good.Lab offers a user-friendly tool to produce audit ready GHG emission performance results, along with the consulting expertise to guide company efforts to reduce emissions once calculated, and to develop an overarching climate strategy aligned with best ESG practices. 

With pending climate legislations and increased focus on GHG measurement and reporting we created a solution that helps middle market companies measure their carbon footprint in a matter of days, not weeks.

As the clean energy transition accelerates, Good.Lab is proud to empower our clients to measure and manage their environmental footprint with our easy-to-use GHG emissions calculator.

Andries Verschelden, CEO & Co-founder at Good.Lab

The current version of Good.Lab’s GHG Emissions Calculator focuses on company-wide emissions. Future plans include a product-level emissions tool to help companies measure the full life cycle emissions of a product to uncover further reduction opportunities. 

This content initially appeared as a Press Release via on November 17, 2022.

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