ESG Trends Survey

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In our new ESG Trends Survey Report, The Rise of ESG in the Mid-Market: A C-Suite Survey, we look at today’s business landscape and how ESG has emerged as a critical consideration, particularly for mid-market enterprises. Companies are facing mounting pressures from regulators, customers, investors, and various stakeholders, all of whom are increasingly focused on the collection and disclosure of ESG data.

Nowhere is this pressure more acutely felt than within the executive suites of mid-market firms across the United States. Here, company leaders find themselves tasked with addressing the rising demand for sustainability data while embarking on the challenging journey of establishing comprehensive ESG programs from scratch.

Our new ESG Trends Survey Report offers valuable insights into market dynamics around ESG, climate & sustainability. Access the survey to uncover valuable insights into the US mid-market, told from the perspective of 100 C-suite employees and sustainability leaders at mid-market US companies.

Learn the importance of ESG in business strategy today, the challenges faced by mid-market companies, and the types of solutions they’re seeking to advance on ESG.

  • Why mid-market US companies deem ESG as crucial to their business strategy today
  • The main motivating factors for the mid-market to start on their ESG journey
  • How regulatory changes like California’s SB 253 and SB 261 are accelerating awareness
  • The biggest challenges facing the mid-market in getting started on ESG
  • How the mid-market plans to meet these challenges with external support, from software and experts

About the research report and survey:

We surveyed 100 U.S. C-suite executives who work on ESG as part of their role and sustainability leaders of companies with revenue between $500 million and $2 billion. The study was conducted in August 2023 with companies across 17 sectors to provide an industry-agnostic view of leadership views on ESG. Market research was conducted with our data partner, Ovation Market Research, and in conjunction with