ESG Performance Packages

Transform your company into a top ESG performer with fast-track performance packages designed to supercharge your ESG programming.

Basic PlusPro
Materiality Assessment
Define, prioritize, and articulate the most material ESG issues facing your organization.
Stakeholder Mapping
Define key internal and external stakeholders, and identify top-level drivers for each group.
GHG Footprint (Scope 1 & 2)
Calculate your organization’s internal GHG emissions footprint (including indirect emissions from purchased power and energy). Uncover any gaps in data and data-collection processes and implement solutions for better data management.
GHG Footprint (Scope 3)
Set appropriate medium- to long-term targets to balance aspiration and achievability.
GHG Baseline & Targets (Scopes 1, 2, 3)
Set appropriate medium- to long-term targets to balance aspiration and achievability.
Energy Usage Analysis
Map and roughly quantify your organization’s main uses of energy along its value chain.
Energy Efficiency Measures
Assess and prioritize efficiency measures against a cost/benefit opportunity framework.
Energy Optimization Strategy
Access network of industry experts to address leading edge energy challenges.
Waste & Water Assessment
Map and quantify your organization’s main water and waste impacts across its value chain.
Waste Footprint & Circularity Strategy
Identify and rank drivers of waste in your value chain. Identify and prioritize opportunities to cost-effectively reduce waste and move toward a waste-free materials model.
Water Assessment & Efficiency Measures
Assess and prioritize efficiency measures against a cost/benefit opportunity framework.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarking 
Assess DEI programs and performance against industry peers.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy 
Develop a custom DEI strategy that integrates into your overall HR objectives.
Discrimination Policy
Create a customized corporate anti-discrimination statement.
Supplier Diversity Program
Develop roadmap to increase diversity of key suppliers.
Employee Health & Wellness Program
Access network of industry experts to create Employee Health & Wellness programming that can be operated by a non-specialist.
Integrity & Ethics Initiatives
Turn-key tools and processes based on best practices in integrity and ethics.
Code of Conduct Development
Develop a customized code of conduct for your organization’s key stakeholders — to be deployed by you.
Code of Conduct Deployment
Roll out Code of Conduct to key parts of your organization and train internal employees. 
Supplier Engagement
Develop custom plan to engage suppliers on ESG and a roadmap to improve performance.
Community & CSR Strategy
Develop custom plan to engage key community and external stakeholders and a roadmap to increase positive relations and minimize conflicts.
Board Independence & Diversity Strategy
Create principles and conduct outreach to build and maintain a governing structure built around diversity.
Data, Analytics, & Reporting
Monthly ESG Report
Access monthly snapshot of key ESG indicators, trends, and initiatives currently underway.
ESG Data Blueprint
Build a detailed roadmap of ESG data availability, management strategy, and other levers toward improvement.
Automated ESG Dashboards & Analytics
Real-time dashboard of detailed ESG performance displaying trends, data deep-dives, projects, and initiatives.
ESG Value Creation Strategy
Define internal strategic narrative for ESG engagement to reduce risks and unlock new sources of value.
Company-level ESG Value Creation Playbook
Expand your value creation strategy with Key Objectives and Results to maximize ESG value creation with a reporting plan that provides an effective balance between impact and effort.
Product-level ESG Value Creation Playbook
Drive ESG value creation for a specific project and/or service of your organization.
ESG Ratings Monitor & Support
Access regular updates on ESG ratings, reporting, and trends, with custom guidance as needed.
Annual ESG Stakeholder Report Data Inputs
Assistance formatting datasets to efficiently report into selected ESG frameworks.

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Approach & Timeline

  1. step-foundation


    Groundwork & Assesment
    Months 1-3
    • Stakeholder Mapping
    • Material Assesment & Issue Prioritization
    • Peer Benchmarking
  2. step-build


    Months 4-6
    • Vision / Future State Development
    • Prioritization & Planning
    • Target Setting
  3. step-deliver


    Implement & Execute
    Months 6 +
    • Implementation Plan
    • Program Management
    • Messaging Themes

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