ESG Solutions for Private Equity

Proactively manage ESG considerations across the entire investment lifecycle.

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Supercharged ESG

Establish clear measures for a strategy that incorporates environmental, social, and governance criteria into investment decisions – all backed by data.

  • Manage risks to your firm by building a more sustainable portfolio.
  • Enhance visibility into ESG performance across investments and funds.
  • Institute a portfolio-level reporting strategy for data collection, monitoring, and improvement.

Drive Positive Impact and Value

Firm / Fund Level

Investment PhaseESG SolutionsOutcomes
Fund Setup & Fundraising
  • Materiality Assessment

  • Stakeholder Mapping & Issue Prioritization
  • Peer Benchmarking
  • ESG Value Creation Strategy
  • Impact Vision Development
  • Target Setting
Capital Commitment
Due Diligence & Acquisition
  • Industry Impact Framework
  • Policy, Performance, & Reporting Toolkits
  • Peer Best Practice Benchmarking
  • ESG Risk & Liability Assessments
Capital Allocation
Investment ManagementPositive Impact

Portfolio Company

Investment Phase ESG Solutions Outcomes
ESG Performance
  • ESG Dashboard & Analytics
  • ESG Performance Sharing Strategy
Value Creation

“ESG isn’t about doing good for good’s sake; it’s about recognizing what customers really want and turning that into a strategy that creates tangible value.”

Bain & Company

ESG Areas of Focus

Environmental (E)

GHG Emissions, Energy Intensity, Water Usage, Waste Generation

Social (S)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), Employee Wellbeing, Forced Labor Human Rights

Governance (G)

Board Composition, Ethics & Code of Conduct, Supplier Diversity, Giving & Philanthropy, Policy & Advocacy

Benefits of working with Good.Lab

Harness your ESG data for improvement

Go beyond basic ESG reporting

Monitor internal and external ESG data signals

Supercharge your ESG performance